RFID Special Tags

RFID Special Tags usually refer to anti-fake tag, animal tag, jewelry tag and so on.

These tags always own special sizes as the goods and some special application places.

But we own professional design team and can provide you custom RFID Tags as your request.

50*25MM Soft Anti-Metal UHF RFID Tags
 50*25MM Soft Anti-Metal UHF RFID TagsBasic Feature:SOFTTAG-5025 is a flexible metal label deve..
860-960MHz Alien H3 Black PPS UHF Laundry washing Tag
Descriptions: RFID high temperature resisting, acid & alkali washing tagProduct Introduction:·Ma..
915MHZ Alien H3 chip rfid tag for jewellery
Specifications 1. Alien H3 chip UHF rfid tag  2. 43 x 9 mm, 0.20 mm thick  3. Read dista..
Factory customized PPS Material HF 13.56MHz NTAG213 NFC Tag for Laundry
Basic FeaturePPS material NFC Laundry tag is Heat Resistant NFC Tag and waterproof ;Operating temper..
Soft UHF Silicone RFID Laundry Tag Alien H3
Basic Feature:Silicone RFID Laundry tag -- Applicable to a variety of working conditions-- Can ..
UHF Alien H3 Textile Laundry tag for cloth management
Descriptions: RFID Textile washing tagProduct Introduction:·Material:Textile·Dimension:60*25*1mm·Wei..
UHF Silicone RFID TAG For Laundry
UHF Silicone RFID TAG For Laundry Description:UHF Silicone RFID TAG is mainly for the laundry indust..
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