HF Jewelry Tag

13.56MHz HF Jewelry RFID Tag

Previous Next Home RFID Tags HF Jewelry Tag, working at 13.56MHz, is mainly used for the identification of jewelry. Each jewelry tag has a globally unique ID number and records the weight, purity, grade, location, warehouse, shelves and other information of the jewelry, which is convenient for the management of jewelry. Xinyetong HF Jewelry Tags […]

UHF Tag Jewelry

UHF Jewelry RFID Tag

Previous Next Home RFID Tags UHF Tag Jewelry belongs to UHF tags, operating at 860-960MHz in line with the UHF Gen2 standard. UHF Jewelry Tag features long read range, high data-transfer rate, long data storage time, high-security performance, etc. It is designed to automatically track the retail, wholesale or storage of jewelry, which greatly improves the […]