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RFID Food Traceability Makes Food Safer

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RFID technology makes food safer

In 2020, the new crown virus has swept the world, and food is also the main way for the virus to spread. The market supervision bureaus of various countries have launched food safety inspections to ensure that the source of livestock and poultry products entering the market can be traced. How to use RFID technology to solve the problem of food traceability?

What is RFID technology

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, also known as radio frequency identification, is a communication technology that can identify specific targets and read and write related data through radio signals without requiring mechanical or optical contact between the identification system and specific targets.

RFID can give each item a unique “electronic identity card” (non-copyable, non-tamperable), and can realize the functions of anti-counterfeiting, traceability, and anti-smuggling of goods. Through the use of RFID technology, tracking and tracing can be easily achieved throughout the supply chain, ensuring complete end-to-end transparency. Provide consumers with complete product information and interact.

After the integration of the back-end big data platform, the big data of the supply chain and the anti-counterfeiting traceability big data are finally formed. Xinyetong relying on RFID products, is committed to organically combining the Internet of Things technology with “Internet +”, providing customers with the most cost-effective products, and constantly exploring the application fields of RFID technology. The company has a wealth of RFID tag types, and can tailor various solutions for warehouse management and product traceability for various customers. Specific food traceability applications such as:

Traceability of milk powder

RFID technology makes food safer

Safety incidents of milk powder occur frequently, which seriously affect the confidence of consumers. By giving identity cards to each milk powder product, consumers can track the whole link of each milk powder from the source to the sale, facilitate consumers to understand the details of milk powder and improve consumers’ confidence in the quality of the products.

With the help of the way of “one can and one yard” of milk powder, it can effectively ensure the traceability of the whole link data of milk powder and provide a reliable guarantee for the safety of milk powder.

RFID electronic tag technology helps consumers to select safe and reliable milk powder brands among many milk powder brands, and feel more at ease about the baby’s edible dairy products!

Traceability of meat quality and safety

RFID technology makes food safer

The measures for the Administration of Animal Immunization labeling of the Ministry of Agriculture stipulates that pigs, cattle and sheep must wear immune ear labels and establish an immunization file management system.

The ear tag (RFID tag) can record the key information of the individual, including the time of birth, feeding, vaccination, disease, medication, listing time and so on.

Once an epidemic breaks out, information such as the place of sale, the responsible person, and the origin of the product can be quickly found through the food safety management system. Not only the final consumer of each piece of food can be found according to the food safety traceability system, but also the links with problems in circulation or production and processing can be found and corresponding measures can be taken.

RFID intelligent packing box

RFID technology makes food safer-5

There is an anti-transfer electronic tag in the box, as long as the mobile phone with NFC function is close to the box, the label information can be read, and the relevant information of the goods in the box can be obtained, such as commodity details, anti-counterfeiting traceability information and so on.

Built-in electronic tag with TD detection function, open the box will destroy the label detection line, read the label information will remind the box has been opened.
In addition, for the convenience of mobile phone users without NFC function, the packing box is printed with a QR code consistent with the content of the electronic label information.
Users can also use the scan function of the mobile phone to query product-related information.

RFID intelligent packaging box is widely used in the outer packaging of high-end goods, such as bird’s nest, Cordyceps Sinensis, tea, brand wine, imported food, and so on.


RFID technology with RFID reading and writing devices and electronic tags, the use of technology to make the Internet of everything, in order to achieve anti-counterfeiting traceability, but also achieve a good interaction between brands and consumers.
This is not only conducive to the promotion of brand value but also helps to improve the trust and stickiness of consumers.

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