Pure hand braided rope RFID Wooden Wristband

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Previous Next Home RFID Cards The Pure hand-braided rope RFID Wooden Wristband is a handcrafted RFID wristband made primarily of a wooden button and braided nylon rope. It features a unique hand-feel and design due to its handcrafted nature. This wristband has an embedded RFID chip, making it suitable for various applications such as access […]

Fabric RFID Wooden Wristband

mifare fabric rfid wristband

Previous Next Home RFID Cards If you or your clients are environmentalists, we highly recommend this eco-friendly wristband – Fabric RFID wooden wristband! It is made up of an RFID wooden tag and a woven belt, recyclable and innocuous to the environment. The RFID wooden tag of our wristband is only 0.84mm thick and the surface of […]

NFC Wooden Card

Previous Next Home RFID Cards NFC Wooden Card is made of wood material, eco-friendly & high-end. With the delicate craftsmanship, it looks more special and beautiful. And it has a good hand feeling, smooth and no burr. More importantly, there is an NFC chip in it, which has powerful functions. And you can choose different NFC chips embedded […]