RFID Technology Improves Fixed Assets Management

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With the increasing scale of enterprises, the investment of enterprises and government institutions in fixed assets has also continued to grow. Fixed assets investment is the prerequisite for sustainable development of enterprises. Regular management of fixed assets is related to the survival and development of enterprises.

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Asset management problems in some enterprises:

1. There are many and confused assets, the financial information of stock assets and incremental assets is distorted, the accounting of assets is seriously untrue, and even the loss of assets is caused.

2. The disposal direction and the person responsible for the disposal of the fixed assets are not traceable because the disposal of the abandoned and damaged fixed assets is not timely.

3. When the flow of asset users occurs, it is impossible to deal with the change of the person responsible for the assets in a timely manner.

4. It is difficult to calculate fixed assets, which consumes a lot of time and manpower.

Using RFID technology to achieve fixed assets management:

For asset management, the introduction of RFID technology can effectively and conveniently manage the fixed assets of enterprises. It can update and inquire the information of the arrival inspection, responsibility purchase, warehouse entry and exit time of equipment, the person responsible for it, the right to use the assets and the use history records. It can also inquire into the allocation of assets, the maintenance of failures, the location of equipment inventory, the accounting statements of assets and the number of the operation links such as financial accounting. Automated accurate data recording ensures the accuracy of data and avoids the loss of fixed assets.

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Application advantages:

1. Label management: Each device is given a unique label through RFID technology for easy query and management.

2. Asset lending management: When equipment is borrowed and returned, the RFID handheld reader and completes the borrowing. When quality problems arise, the borrower's record can be checked and the responsible person tracked. Convenient operation and management, successfully solve the problem of equipment loan.

3. Asset Standard Management: Using RFID handheld reader to sweep, it is easy to obtain equipment number, name, status, specifications, models, parameters, use instructions, etc. At the same time, quality problems can occur, online application can be timely, managers receive information in time and make feedback processing. For malfunctioning equipment, managers can feedback in the mobile phone or the background. Change the equipment status in time so that users can inquire about maintenance information.

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4. Data analysis: According to the big data statistics of equipment management, such as equipment borrowing data, purchase and purchase data, Department Distribution data, personnel flow data statistics, maintenance data and other information, and according to the requirements of management methods, all kinds of reports are exported by one key.

5. Responsibility investigation: for equipment procurement, procurement time, equipment allocation management, users (including past and present), maintenance reasons, scrap disposal and so on are traceable, accurate to every minute and second.

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