NFC Tags

NFC Tags could be used for anti-fake identify, meeting access control, festival ticket, mobile payment,etc.

They bring more and more convenience and happiness to color our lives.

For NFC Tags, they could be inserted in low frequency and high frequency RFID chips. And you can also choose custom design.

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13.56MHz Contactless Writable rfid nfc sticker with Ntag213 chip for access control
Basic Feature: Paper material rfid nfc sticker with long reading distance; Operating temperature fr..
13.56Mhz Digital Print NFC NTAG213 HF Epoxy Tag
Basic Feature:Durable of Epoxy Tag- resists moisture, oils, petroleum; tolerates mechanical vibratio..
13.56Mhz FM11RF08 HF Epoxy Tag
Basic Feature:Epoxy Tag units are resistant to fuels, mineral oils, petroleum and salt mist. They re..
13.56MHz MF Desfire EV1 2K NFC epoxy tag
NFC Epoxy Tag Layout:For the nfc chip ,now we have: A.ISO14443aChip1k / 4kUltralight / Ultralig..
13.56MHz MF Desfire EV1 8K NFC epoxy tag
NFC Epoxy Tag Layout: For the nfc chip ,now we have:   A.ISO14443a Chip 1k / 4k U..
13.56MHZ Ntag213 NFC Epoxy Tag
13.56MHZ Ntag213 NFC Epoxy Tag Descriptions:The 13.56MHZ Ntag213 NFC Epoxy Tag is finely designed to..
13.56mhz Waterproof NTAG216 NFC Epoxy tag
Descriptions:It is widely used for loyalty system, mobile payment system, promotion, eventmanagement..
13mm NTAG213 Transparent NFC Tag
Basic Feature:This is a passive read only RFID tag. It holds a unique number that can be read by an ..
15X30MM Ntag213 PET NFC smart label with UID printing
Specification:Commodity:Ntag213 t PET NFC LabelMaterials:Al etched Antenna;PET substrate;Label: Whit..
18x18MM FM11RF08 RFID Wet Inlay
Basic Feature:The RFID inlay consists of two components. An integrated circuit or microchip that sto..
30mm Custom Print Stickers With NTAG216 NFC Chip
30mm Custom Print Stickers With NTAG216 NFC Chip Description:Applications of the 30mm Custom Pr..
35x35MM MF Ultralight Chip NFC Tag Printed in Roll
Basic Feature:MFUltralight NFC chips are basic and cheap chips as they are able to store a small amo..
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