RFID Fabric Wristbands

Applications of RFID Fabric wristbands: party, concert, meeting, festival, wedding, election, playground, promotional or business gift, advertisement, park, souvenir, decoration, activity, election, assembly, club, bar, summer break, etc.

Available chips of RFID Fabric wristbands, HF Chips (13.56MHz): MF 1K S50, MF 4K S70, ULTRALIGHT, NTAG203, I-CODE2, TI2048 etc. 

Logo in the RFID Fabric wristbands can be with golden or silvery thread, and any customized words, message or phrases on the band. 

13.56MHZ Low Cost Woven RFID Wristband For Event Or Festival
Basic Feature: Woven RFID Wristbands are widely used in event,music festival and concerts, During a..
13.56MHZ NTAG213 Thermal Transfer Printing RFID Wristband
Basic Feature:RFID wristbands are widely used for RFID access control management, Cashless Payment S..
Fabric RFID Bracelet MF DESfire EV1 4K
Basic Feature:The key application for RFID wristbands at events including access control,cashless pa..
HF Adjustable Fudan F08 Nylon RFID Wristband
Basic Feature:Nylon Adjustable NFC Wristband with customized tag is easy-wear,and higly used for acc..
HF F08 RFID Event Wristband Snap Closure
Basic Features:RFID wristbands for Event are mainly used for access control management and trac..
Laser Engraved UID Serial number RFID Wristband
Basic Feature: Each tag contains a unique ID associated with identifiable to the individual event v..
NTAG216 NFC Wristband With Customized Digital Smart Tag
Basic Feature:NFC Wristband NTAG216 with customized tag size and band,is easy-wear and durable,widel..
Passive RFID Fabric Wristband I Code SLI
Basic Feature:RFID fabric wristbands for concerts and events. Fabric RFID wristbands in both 125 KHz..
Recycled Woven RFID Bracelet With Button
Recycled Woven RFID Bracelet With Button could be adjusted according to the size of your wrist.You d..
Small Tag NTAG213 NFC Wristband For Music Festival
Basic Feature:NFC event Wristband is a smart and durable band designed to support the operational an..
Ultralight RFID Wristbands for Concerts & Events
Basic Feature:Event RFID wristbands are widely used in activity, Concerts, Conferences and Festival ..
Waterproof Epoxy Tag RFID Wristband
Basic Feature:RFID Epoxy wristbands are widely used in event,music festival and concerts, NTAG213 Ep..
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