RFID Stretch Wristbands

RFID Stretch Wristbands could be inserted RFID chip, LF,HF,UHF, to meet your request.

RFID Stretch Wristbands is made of 100% polyester and stretches which  could be adjustable.

These wristbands could meet different people, no matter which size your wrist is, big or small. And it is recyclable.

Customized Logo Polyester Elastic RFID Wristband
 Parameters Chip     F08 Protocol ISO14443A Siz..
Ntag213 Chip Custom Elastic RFID Wristband For Festival
Parameters Tag Material Polyester Siz..
Polyester Wristband Elastic Closed With RFID Chip
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RFID Elastic Bracelet for Event/Warter park
Basic Feature:An easy way to identify large number of user in a wide area, especially for library , ..
Round Elastic RFID Wristband Supplier
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Soft Stretch RFID Wristband MIFARE Classic 1K
Basic FeatureRFID Stretch Wristbands are widely used in festivals,events.Made of ultra-comfortable, ..
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