9x50MM Heat Resistant FPCB UHF RFID Sticker

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What is FPCB ?
FPCB(or FPC) is the abbreviation of flexible printed circuit board.FPC is a patterned arrangement
of printed circuitry formed by copper etching
with flexible based material of polyester or plilyimide.it is with high degree of reliability and good
reflection of flexibility.
Benefits of FPCB,small size ,light weight ,dynamic flexing ,strong signal quality ,high density of
circuitry ,reducing assembly cost.

Advantage of FPCB RFID / NFC Tag
1.High Temperature Resistance:-20~220 째C
2.Customize Antenna Design
3.Smallest Size can be Dia8MM
4.Good Performance (Read Range)

Available Chip:
HF Chip:MF1K ,Ntag203/213/216 etc
UHF:Alien H3
Available Size (HF):Dia8MM/10MM/12MM ,15X15MM,6X16MM,8X12MM,8x18MM
or customize
Available Arwork:Logo epoxy ,URL encoding ,data encoding etc

Goods Identification
Cargo Secuity
Asset Management
Access control

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