3M Adhesive UHF RFID Wet Inlay Alien9662

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Basic Feature

UHF RFID labels are widely used in personnel management & Science, materials management & supply 

chain management&leasing and library management & retail supply chain management & anti-counterfeit protection, 

asset management&Factory automation, parcel, handling, fashion, consumer,enterprise and campus card, bus card, highway fees, parking, 

district management micropayment, e-purse and other fields.

Our Inlay are covered in the surface material to form the final label. These are some materials:
1. Coated Paper: Low cost, easy to print on.
2. PET: Waterproof, heatproof, environmental protection.
3. PVC: Waterproof, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance.
4. Normal Double-sided adhesive: Robust, widely used, and cheaper than 3M Glue.
5. 3M Glue: Higher cost but strong viscosity, good temperature tolerance & anti-corrosion.
6. Electrostatic adhesive:Electrostatic prevention, high temperature resistance, strong water resistance

For die-cutting the minimum size should be 4mm bigger than inlay normally.







 UHF:ALIEN H3/H4,Monza 4D/4E/4QT,Monza5,U Code 7, G2IM, G2IL etc.

Crafts Available

Custom Logo Printing,Serial Number/QR Code Printing etc.

Shipping Details

Generally, 3 days for DHL/FedEx/UPS,
10 days for air shipping,
18 days for sea shipping.

Payment Terms


Custom Sizes

Common Package

1000 pcs /2000 pcs /5000 pcs in one roll,
10,000 pcs /50,000 pcs /100,000pcs per carton

About 2KG for 1000 pcs

Carton Size
49*23*20 cm
49*23*26 cm
Special demands for packing available.



Available Applications:
Asset management, production line management, supply chain management, warehousing management, luggage tag,anti-counterfeiting management (tobacco, liquor, medicine), retailmanagement, vehicle management, etc.

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