Ntag 213 Chip Rfid Card, Ntag 213 Chip Rfid Card is often used for water meter prepaid, campus id, bus stored-value cards, highway tolls, parking, etc.

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NFC Tags - nfc,RFID tag, plastic card,pvc cards, wristbands could be PVC, ABS, PET, PETG and PC.

NTAG213 Small Size NFC PVC Card Descriptions:

We still concentrate on manufacturing contact chip cards and contactless chip cards, especially the popular NTAG213 Small Size NFC PVC Card. Besides we have also established good and strategic partnership with many international Leaders.

The applications of NTAG213 Small Size NFC PVC Card include access control and livestock tracking, identity, information, insurance, access control, banking, credit card, privilege etc.

The date of NTAG213 Small Size NFC PVC Card information stored is more than 100 years, and the information is easy to read and write that will be up 100,000 times.






Printing Options

Full color offset printing, Silk-screen printing, etc.


Frosted, Glossy, Matte Finishing

Crafts Available

Barcode, Scratch off panel, Signature panel, Spray number, Laser number, Embossing, etc.

Shipping Details

Generally, 3 days for DHL/FedEx/UPS,
10 days for air shipping,
18 days for sea shipping.

Payment Terms


Common Package

Chip Card: 200pcs cards with chips in one box, 2000/3000pcs per carton
Common Card: 250pcs per box, 2500/3000pcs per carton
Inkjet White Card: 230pcs per box, 3450pcs per carton

Chip Card: 6.5KG for 1000pcs
Common Card: 6.0KG for 1000pcs

Carton Size
49*23*16CM (for 2000/2500pcs)
49*23*20CM (for 3000pcs)

Special demands for packing available.

Test Color

The high precision color difference meter is used to ensure the consistency of the finished product and the sample. 


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