Logistic RFID TagsRFID Labels the label is specially designed to track every single package, and control every single process...

UHF RFID Tags Automatically Control the vehicles comes and gos... charge if needed.

RFID Tag for subways, buses,trains for all automobiles. control and pass...

RFID Tag ,RFID Labels with RFID products we can secure your daily life to make it colorful and peaceful....

More valuable products in the page with RFID Wristbands, RFID Cards, and NFC Sticker....

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Promotion UHF 860~960MHz H3 Library RFID Tag for Books Management
Our Inlay are covered in the surface material to form the final label. These are some materials: ..
PVC RFID Clear Adhesive Tag Sticker
PVC RFID Clear Adhesive Tag Sticker Descriptions:PVC RFID Clear Adhesive Tag Sticker contains a PCB ..
RFID Alien H3 Waterproof silicone industrial UHF laundry tag
Descriptions:RFID silicone tag with 3M stickerProduct Introduction:·Material:Silicone·Dimension:50*1..
RFID Blank PVC Dics Tag with ICODE SLIX-S
Basic FeatureTICODE SLIX-S are manufactured for business and used for commercial use so very strong ..
RFID Hard PVC Disc Tag Ultralight
Basic FeatureAll our NFC Tags are new, empty and have an available capacity of 48bytes.NFC Tags can ..
RFID PVC Coin Tag Descriptions:RFID PVC Coin Tag packaged chip coil, is similar to the work permits,..
RFID Sports Tag UHF RFID Label for Marathon Racing with Monza R6 Chip
ParametersChip           Monza R6Memory96 bitsProtocol ISO18..
RFID UHF Alien 9654 Antenna windshield tag with 3M glue for Car entrance management
Basic Feature: Paper or PET material rfid tag with custom printing; Passive, long reading range Sp..
RFID Wet Inlay
RFID Wet Inlay DescriptionsInlay products are suited for variety of Cards producing. RFID Wet Inlay ..
Small Size UHF RFID label Alien H3 9620 UHF Wet Inlay
Basic Feature Alien H3 chip + 9620 Antenna UHF wet inlay , 30*13 mm Small size UHF RFID tag ;Readin..
Soft UHF Silicone RFID Laundry Tag Alien H3
Basic Feature:Silicone RFID Laundry tag -- Applicable to a variety of working conditions-- Can ..
Thermal Printable UHF RFID Label MonzaR6
Basic Feature The Monza R6 UHF RFID tag chip is optimized for serializing items such as apparel. e..
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