Logistic RFID TagsRFID Labels the label is specially designed to track every single package, and control every single process...

UHF RFID Tags Automatically Control the vehicles comes and gos... charge if needed.

RFID Tag for subways, buses,trains for all automobiles. control and pass...

RFID Tag ,RFID Labels with RFID products we can secure your daily life to make it colorful and peaceful....

More valuable products in the page with RFID Wristbands, RFID Cards, and NFC Sticker....

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Epoxy RFID Anti-metal Tag ICODE SLIX
Basic FeatureBlack Epoxy Resin ICODE SLIX Tag are manufactured for business and used for commercial ..
Epoxy RFID Keyfob For Access Control System
  Chip LF: TK4100 EM4200 T5577 EM4305 EM4450 Hitag 1/2   HF: F0..
F08 Printing RFID PVC Tag with a hole
Basic Feature1K F08 RFID PVC Tag are manufactured for business and used for commercial use so very s..
Factory customized PPS Material HF 13.56MHz NTAG213 NFC Tag for Laundry
Basic FeaturePPS material NFC Laundry tag is Heat Resistant NFC Tag and waterproof ;Operating temper..
ICODE SLIX-S 2KB Anti-metal Tag with Sequence number
Basic Feature:ICODE is the industry standard for high-frequency (HF) smart label solutions operating..
ISO18000-6C Monza 4QT UHF RFID Wet Inlay
Basic FeatureMonza 4QT :EPC Class1 Gen2 chip with 128bit EPC memory, 512bit user memory and 96bit se..
Long reading distance RFID Tag Alien H3 9654 UHF RFID label
Basic FeatureUHF follows the EPCglobal Gen2 standard , frequency:860~960 MHz , reading distance is l..
MF 1 IC S70 EV1 4K Anti-Metal Dics Tag
Basic Feature:MF 1 IC S70 EV1 4K operates at a frequency of 13.56 MHz, boasts read/write capabilitie..
Monza 4E Mini UHF RFID tag transparent Wet Inlay
Basic FeatureDiameter 14mm UHF wet Inlay ,Mini size with transparent PET material;Available chip : M..
NFC & EPC Gen2 dual-frequency RFID NFC Sticker/Label
Basic FeatureEM4423 corresponds to the latest generation of EM Microelectronic contactless devices, ..
NTAG203 Roll RFID Tag
NTAG203 Roll RFID Tag Descriptions:NTAG203 Roll RFID Tag adopts raw material from the supplier of na..
One side Epoxy RFID Dics Anti-metal tag
Basic Feature:This 1K S50 tag with strong 3M adhesive can safely be used on metal surfaces due to th..
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