Logistic RFID TagsRFID Labels the label is specially designed to track every single package, and control every single process...

UHF RFID Tags Automatically Control the vehicles comes and gos... charge if needed.

RFID Tag for subways, buses,trains for all automobiles. control and pass...

RFID Tag ,RFID Labels with RFID products we can secure your daily life to make it colorful and peaceful....

More valuable products in the page with RFID Wristbands, RFID Cards, and NFC Sticker....

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125KHz EM4200/EM4100  RFID Tag
Basic Feature:125KHZ EM4200 /EM4100 RFID Tag has a unique 10 digit ID, so multiple tags can be used ..
125khz EM4305 ID Copy Epoxy Access Tag
Basic Feature:Epoxy Tag is made of PVC and a layer of Epoxy which is attractive and also waterproof...
125khz Read-only ID Epoxy Tag for Door Access
Basic Feature:Currently,Epoxy Tag is very popular in the common life for access door control like so..
125khz T5577 Epoxy Access Tag with Small Ear
Basic Feature:Epoxy Access Tag is about 3.2-3.8mm and the size is available.T5577 can be programmabl..
125KHz TK4100 Blank RFID Dics Tag
Basic Feature:RIFD TK4100 Dics supporting the 125KHz standard. This common RFID standard offers some..
18mm MF IC 1K S50 RFID Clear Tag on metal
Basic Feature:18mm Round Disc Tag in clear PVC plastic with strong 3M glue . These are about 1 mm th..
3M Adhesive UHF RFID Label Monza4QT H47
Basic Feature:UHF RFID labels are widely used in personnel management & Science, materials manag..
3M Adhesive UHF RFID Wet Inlay
Basic Feature:UHF RFID labels are widely used in personnel management & Science, materials manag..
3M RFID Tags For Library
3M RFID Tags For Library Description:3M Library Systems offer the latest in RFID, self-service, auto..
915MHZ Alien H3 chip rfid tag for jewellery
Specifications 1. Alien H3 chip UHF rfid tag  2. 43 x 9 mm, 0.20 mm thick  3. Read dista..
Colorful MF Plus-X 2K RFID Coin Tag
Colorful MF Plus-X 2K RFID Coin Tag Descriptions:Colorful MF Plus-X 2K RFID Coin Tag ..
DESfire Ev1 4K RFID Metro Coin Tag
Basic Feature:1K F08 RFID PVC Tag are manufactured for business and used for commercial use so very ..
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