NFC Tags

NFC Tags

NFC Tags could be used for anti-fake identify, meeting access control, festival ticket, mobile payment,etc.

They bring more and more convenience and happiness to color our lives.

For NFC Tags, they could be inserted in low frequency and high frequency RFID chips. And you can also choose custom design.

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NFC sticker printable for all NFC enabled smartphone
Our Inlay are covered in the surface material to form the final label. These are some materials: ..
NTAG 216 NFC Tag
NTAG216 NFC Tag Descriptions:The inner traits of NTAG216 NFC Tag are waterproof and wear-resistant. ..
NTAG213 NDEF Printable NFC Sticker Tag
Basic Feature NFC Sticker fully utilizes the NFC technology, which is high bandwidth, low energy co..
NTAG216 Lobster Epoxy Tag with 4 Color Printing
Basic Feature:Epoxy Tag is made of PVC Tag with Layer of Epoxy on surface have a high gloss epoxy fi..
PPS Material 180 bytes 13.56MHz NTAG213 NFC Laundry Tag with hole
Basic Feature:PPS material NFC Laundry tag is Heat Resistant NFC Tag and waterproof ; Operating te..
Printable type 2 Anti-metal Ntag203 NFC sticker
Specification:Commodity:Anti- Metal Ntag203 NFC StickerMaterial:Paper ,PVC ,PETChip:Ntag203Memory:14..
Programmable NFC tag price Ntag213 long range Waterproof Smart Tag
Basic FeatureNFC Sticker are widely used for library/inventory/logistic/warehouse management etc.Our..
35x35mm MF1C 1K S50 RFID Blank PVC Tag
Basic Feature MF1K S50 known as Standard 1K,operates at a frequency of 13.56 MHz and includes read/..
Custom 13.56MHZ NTAG 213 NFC Tag
Our Inlay are covered in the surface material to form the final label. These are some materials: ..
40x20MM SLE66R01 NFC Tag with thermal Paper
Basic Feature Infineon SLE66R01 With Contactless Interface compliant to ISO/IEC 14443-3 Type A and ..
I-CODE 2 Tag with Factory Price
I-CODE 2 Tag Descriptions: With a wide selection of antenna choices and protocols, the I-CODE 2..
13.56MHZ MF08 1Kbytes NFC chip sticker
13.56MHZ MF08 1Kbytes NFC chip sticker Description:13.56MHZ MF08 1Kbytes NFC chip sticker utilizes f..
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