High Quality Topaz Cards In RFID Application

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Radio Frequency identification (RFID) has a lot of applications in this modern era, which are extensively spread in all the fields. RFID is one of the most applied technologies in all the aspects of the identification processes. This technology is widely used all around the world, with a plenty of applications. In Radio Frequency identification, electromagnetic waves are used to communicate between the tags where one is reader and the other one is the transponder. The RFID tags use electronically stored information to communicate and there are basically 2 types of tags, active and passive. Passive tags, to communicate, collects energy from the nearby placed reader through radio waves, while active tags have own source of power attached with them, which makes them operate from a long distance.

One of the major applications of passive RFID is Topaz cards that are nowadays being used in almost all the oil and gas industry across the world. Topaz cards are the high quality, smart cards that are used for the fueling system. Topaz fuel cards are the most used systems in Ireland for fueling applications. The country has the biggest fuel card system that provides a wider opportunity for customer to service their business needs. 

Oil and gas industry is enhancing their fueling systems to take the industry to a different level. Development is an essential element for any industry or business in order to attain growth. Introducing high quality topaz cards into the complete fueling system has made it easier for customers as well as the regulating authorities to manage the complete system. Customers are getting a lot of perks with these topaz fuel cards, such as one invoice for all the fuel transactions, online management, text and mails conveying the price updates and a fixed price of fuel throughout the week. Topaz cards have made the complete system much flexible and easier. The way, high quality topaz cards are being used today, has made it clear that RFID could be highly useful and resourceful for proper and efficient management.

Last update: Dec 07, 2019

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