What does the 2 seconds in Pingchang Winter Olympics Games mean?

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On the evening of February 25, 2018 local time, the twenty-third Winter Olympic Games held a closing ceremony in Pingchang, South Korea. As the host city of the next Winter Olympic Games, mayor Chen Jining took the Olympic five ring banner from International Olympic Committee chairman Bach, which represents the Winter Olympic Games entering Beijing time.

Beijing shows the perfect combination of ancient Chinese culture and modern science and technology through a 8 - minute live performance. It is worth noting that the performance is directed by Zhang Yimou, which is also a major stroke following the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. He said the performance was different from the last time.

"Beijing 8 minutes", using a large number of scientific and technological means to present a new generation of intelligent robot,including the world's biggest and most light panda puppets.These new technologies contain the power of "Chinese Wisdom" and "Made In China", which is stunning in the world.

At the seventh minute, the screen appeared in the Jingdong logistics red "intelligent handling robot" as the representative of the intelligent logistics elements. The unmanned warehouse has realized the whole process of storage, packaging and sorting, the intelligent and unmanned system of the whole system. Although the lens only has a short 2 seconds, it has revealed a significant change in China's logistics industry. It hints that the future direction of intelligent logistics operation and intelligent operation in China, which will be milestone in the whole logistics field.

In fact, we can feel that from last year's "618" to "double 11", the time to receive parcels was much faster than ever. Behind the logistics speed, after the one hand thanks to the whole network of large data capacity through reasonable scheduling of large-scale application, on the other hand due to the on-line sorting robot.

It is not only Jing Dong, currently covering a relatively wide range of rookie network, Su Ning, SF, Shen Tong, China postal and other electricity supplier logistics companies have established intelligent warehouse, by sorting robot sorting packages, can achieve more than 20 thousand hours, saving more than 8 labor costs.

With the rapid development of new retail and the upgrading of consumer service demand and experience, the innovative development of intelligent logistics has entered a critical period. In 2017, driven by many factors, such as technology, policy and market, the development of logistics industry has entered the stage of quantity and quality.

Experts and industry insiders predict, 2018, with all kinds of "black" technology is increasingly mature, and continue to catalyze the favorable policies, smart logistics, green logistics is expected to accelerate into the popularization stage, intelligent and unmanned Chinese has become a general trend of the logistics industry.

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