Take on Visa NFC Gloves, Refuse Cold Hands on Payment in Winter

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Now, our life becomes more and more convenient and easy with mobile payments, but even so, we still need take out of mobile phone to sweep the two-dimensional code. It is with no trouble, but when the weather is cold winter to meet, not easy to warm up the hand, it always makes people feel uncomfortable. There would be a good way to keep warm and pay together.

Recently, in the face of the upcoming winter Olympics in 2018, Visa presented a pair of direct payment NFC gloves, so you do not need to use "cold hands" and also directly pay. It sounds very attractive, because during the Winter Olympics held in Pingchang, the average temperature of South Korea will be minus 4.8 degrees, the glove is a must. 

This pair of winter gloves, in one hand really can protect your hands in the winter, on the other hand, the NFC chip through the internal fringe can be compatible with any global support Visa card reader to complete the shopping at the same time. And the gloves will prepare for 30000-50000 won (US $27-45) to encourage users to consumer.

Of course, NFC is not the only tool used for payment during the Winter Olympics, and Visa launched a total including commemorative badges, stickers, NFC NFC ring, including a variety of items to encourage people to enjoy the fun of the quick payment function by NFC. It is worth mentioning that NFC stickers, respectively, four different 30000/50000/100000/200000 won par with these stickers, to make the reader quickly complete the payment.

Korea regional Visa director Iain Jamieson says Visa hopes for bringing all Olympic venues the new ability to pay, so that we users have a better experience. In other words, even if you don't want to stretch out the cold season, you can also enjoy the fun of buying.

It is said that these different products will be officially sold on the Korean shopping mall and online in November 9th. During the Olympic Games, Visa will also provide products through vending machines. Hmmm, try to have a think, if there is such a pair of gloves in winter, you will really avoid a lot of trouble.

Last update: Dec 09, 2019

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