RFID Cards Used for Warehouse Management

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In recent times, Radio frequency Identification (RFID) has been changing the outlook of the modern society by largely promoting automation, increasing efficiency and productivity and escalating cost-saving prospective. RFID is an infrastructure that enables the transfer of a unique identity within a defined protocol from a particular device to a reader by the means of radio frequency waves. Being extremely simple and trouble-free to use with machines, the demand of these cards is generally in offices where authentication of the employees is essential at the time of entry and exit. The execution of RFID technology has enhanced the operational competence and output in the distribution hubs and warehouses all around the globe. 

In general, RFID sets off the technology used in barcodes, that is, the data capture technology that is already being used in warehouses and supply centers. The aforesaid is accomplished with the use of RFID tags. In recent times, the warehouse management system has been implementing RFID cards as a support that covers the entry of goods, picking, examining, packing and delivery. Other operation flow with the use of these RFID cards include collection, delivery, probing and updating bulk data on the regular warehouse ingress and release, for the purpose of decreasing the labor intensity, circumvent fault scanning, re-scanning and other faults and increase the competence and precision. 

Radio waves can be used for tracking objects and for providing near and real time view of the location and status of the product. RFID cards make supply chains more proficient and well organized by receiving the current information of the product that tells how many products are sold and how many remain in the warehouses. The RFID cards reduce the human efforts that were otherwise required to track the cargo, now it’s just the transportation of the goods that requires human labor. RFID cards have proved to be tremendously beneficial in reducing the stock levels of the inventory which in turn leads to less stagnant stock. The Warehouse management system that incorporates RFID cards also helps in improving the proficiency of warehouse management and makes an automatic record of receiving and delivery. The RFID cards also ensure that the right wares reach the right customers at the accurate time.

Last update: Jun 20, 2016

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