Radio Frequency Identification RFID Tags Active Used For Parking

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Radio Frequency identification (RFID) is a ground-breaking technology available today.  In simpler terms it is such technology which is used for the identification of objects using radio waves. RFID makes use of certain types of radio wave ranges to identify different objects by tracking the radio frequency identification tags attached to the object. This technology is used for a numerous applications ranging from access control management system to toll collection, vehicle parking access control, supply chain tracking, theft preventions, tracking library books, railway rolling stock identification, vehicle immobilizer system and many more. 

The tags that are used in the process of radio frequency identification are basically the devices that are broadly categorized in 2 types, active tags and passive tags. Active tags are those which have their own power supply and with the help of battery they can transmit power, but passive are those tags which are unpowered and draw power from the reader when comes in contact. Active tags are typically read and write devices while the passive tags are usually read only. There are also semi-passive tags, whose circuitry system runs on the battery of the device but it draws power from the reader to communicate. Radio frequency identification
RFID tags are not necessarily visible but are embedded inside the tracked object. Active tags do their communication through propagation coupling and respond to the transmission by drawing the power from internal source while the passive tags draws power from the transmission through inductive coupling, which generally requires proximity.

Radio frequency identification RFID tags are widely used for the access control management system of the parking lots. A tag is provided to the user with a unique ID embedded in it. An antenna is located at the entrance and when the car reaches near to it, the antenna detects the tag and sends the data received to the reader. Tags first receive the data and send back the modulated signals. Antenna received the modulated signals and sends it back to the reader. Readers after decoding the data, sends it to the host and the controls the entry and exit from the parking.

Apart from aforementioned uses, nowadays, RFID is also being used in several other applications such as ticket payment, animal tracking, jewelry tracking and more.

Last update: Jan 09, 2020

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