Popular Payment Method, Mobile Phone with NFC Function

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NFC(an acronym for “Near Field Communication”), as the name suggests, enables short range communication among compatible devices. It requires minimum one transmitting device & the other to receive the signal. A range of devices either active or passive, use NFC standards depending upon how the device functions. NFC is basically an upgraded version of the existing proximity card standard (RFID) that combines the edge of a reader and a smartcard into single device. It allow users to impeccably share content between pay bills wirelessly, digital devices or even cell phone as an electronic travelling ticket on accessible contactless communication already in use for public transportation. Mobile phone with NFC is one of the most important functions that provide multiple benefits. Similar to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as well as other wireless signals, NFC works on the principle of transmitting information through radio waves. NFC is a standard technology used for wireless data transitions and as a result, devices need to adhere to the specifications for proper communication. 

With regards to many recent credit card data breaches, now it is a good time to present a solution mobile phone with NFC that shields wallets from fraud and theft. Many retailers including Macys, Target and Walgreens have already adopted NFC-based contactless pay terminals that help to make the mobile payments transition easier. The NFC payment systems are highly secured & complex and so, hacking or intercepting is very difficult. After initiating the payment application on your smart phone and once the credit card terminal is synced with the phone, a connection is established with the help of NFC. Here, you will be asked to enter a pass code or scan finger to approve the transaction. The transaction is then verified with a separate chip known as the Secure Element (SE) which transmits the authorization back to NFC modem. Here, finally the whole payment process finishes in the same manner as the conventional credit card transaction.

Another significant use of mobile phone with NFC is its ability to pair with different devices. Now, in fact, instead of using NFC-equipped SIM or existing chips, you can also use an NFC-embedded tag that can be attached to your phones. Thus, NFC is the ticket to that future where everything will be paid via cell phones!

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Last update: Jan 09, 2020

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