Inkjet Card Printed Directly by Epson T50, T60, R290 and L800

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Science has rapidly transformed various landscapes around the world and the development of RFID technology is an instance of the same. Radio Frequency Identification, often abbreviated as RFID, is a wireless technology that uses RF waves to identify and track data stored in the tags or cards. The tags attached to the objects contain information that is stored electronically. RFID technology is being used extensively in various sectors for multiple uses. RFID inkjet card is one of the most frequent devices commonly found in the organizations these days. RFID inkjet cards are smart cards with embedded microchips that stores essential data such as name, place, age, gender, designation, etc. 

RFID cards are contactless and all the user needs to do is to bring it closer to the RFID reader and the card will facilitate identification and allow the user to access the system controlled by RFID powered devices. An RFID inkjet card is made from PVC plastic and they can be customized accordingly with help of inkjet printers. Epson is a leading printing company that provides high-end inkjet printers that print colors, designs, graphics and texts on the surface of an inkjet card. RFID cards are mainly used for door lock systems as they provide high security and safety to an organization.  

Printers manufactured by Epson efficiently print on RFID card surface and dry the printed ink immediately. These printers are low on maintenance and renowned for precision printing of high definition images on RFID cards. Inkjet card serves for a longer period of time as it is UV resistant, fade resistant, and wear resistant. These printable cards are used for multiple applications and contain crucial data. Therefore, customizing them with low quality printers is not recommendable as it may lead to data loss or deteriorate the quality of the RFID card. Printers by Epson not only excel in printing accurately, but also assure that the card is neither damaged while printing or there is any loss of data. RFID cards operate wirelessly in a range of 13.56 MHz and are largely being used in different organizations including hospitals, hotels, IT companies, corporate sectors and many more.

Last update: Jan 09, 2020

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