ICODE SLIX RFID Tags Are Widely Used In IOT World

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Radio Frequency Identification or RFID technology uses electromagnetic radio-frequency to communicate between two devices, namely a reader and a tag or card. Today, RFID tags and cards are used widely and there are a large number of applications for such technology, especially in the IOT world. There is as such no common or widespread definition for IOT; however IOT or Internet of Things can be generally referred to the computing capability or connectivity like exchanging data in devices that are not computers.

The latest edition in this is the ICODE SLIX RFID tags. The tags are high frequency smart tags and labels becoming the first choice of use in many sectors. The features of the smart tag take the RFID technology and performance to the next level. The ICODE SLIX RFID tag provides high reliability in communication with 20% higher read range capability compared to the other tags present in the market. This increased range offers numerous benefits, especially in applications where operating distance plays an important role. Also, the increased read range capability is useful in industrial sectors where it was not possible previously due to the low read range.

Other features of the ICODE SLIX RFID tags include high end performance, with full compatibility with already installed SLI products. Also, long term data archived storage can be retrieved or reused easily with the 50 years data retention feature of tags. The RFID tags are industry standards compliant, and can be used globally. The tags also come with optional 32 bit password protection. The applications of such RFID tags include document tracking, healthcare, product authentication, gaming, libraries, etc.   

ICODE SLIX RFID tags, as the most popular RFID tags on the market. It can also be said that the tags have become first choice for label solutions and high frequency smart tags. Mostly, the technology is used in libraries to keep track of library media including books. Also, the RFID tags and labels are used to identify patients, tag blood samples, track medical devices effectively within hospitals. With the ICODE SLIX RFID tags there’s added advantage in document tracking, and product authentication, etc. due to the large range feature.  

Last update: Jan 09, 2020

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