How to Possess the IOT Thinking?

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The Internet of Things is the next big thing! It revolves around machine-to-machine communication and is based on cloud computing and networks of data-gathering sensors. The mobile, virtual, and instant connection is going to make everything smarter and faster. There are many applications of IOT, which include monitoring of the parking spaces that are available in the city, detecting iPhone and Android devices that works with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi interfaces, measurement of the energy emitted by cell stations and Wi-Fi routers, smart and weather adaptive lighting for streets, monitoring of vibrations and material conditions in bridges and buildings, detecting the rubbish levels in containers to optimize the waste collection routes, sound monitoring in centric zones and bar zones in real time.

Moreover, smart roads and intelligent highways are also being built with the warning messages and signs in accordance to the climate and diversions at the times of calamities or unexpected events like traffic jams or accidents. IoT has been greatly accepted in healthcare sector as well such as in hospitals, nursing homes, etc. It stores and displays real-time, accurate and automated electronic records through wearable patient monitors, secured tablets, etc. This confidential information can only be viewed and edited by doctors, authorities and other persons of concern. Use of this technology considerably increases efficiency and accuracy of any institution in order to generate great amount of profit. High level projects like smart city project, smart homes, intelligent transportation, etc. are all based on Internet of Things. Employing this technology in an organization can actually contribute in systemization of tasks and in increasing overall profits.

In addition, IOT can be efficiently used for forest fire detection, monitoring pre-emptive fire conditions to differentiate alert zones, controlling harmful emissions in factories, by cars and toxic gases produced in farms, distributed organization in specific places of tremors and more. It is also widely used in building and home automation, right from improving security to plummeting energy and upholding costs, there are a wide range of innovative IOT technologies for monitoring and controlling of intelligent edifices and smart homes.

Through the IOT, countless devices can distribute information in real time to share and efficiently manage energy. IOT technology also enables the modern day factories to increase worker safety, operational efficiency, and optimize production. For retailers, IOT offers boundless opportunities to boost the supply chain efficiencies, plan out to improve the customer experience and develop new services. 

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Last update: Jan 10, 2020

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