What is the Application of RFID Solution for Medical Management?

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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is one of the emerging technologies that has been a part of various industries. It uses electromagnetic fields attached to any tags to identify and track objects. There has been a significant growth noticed in RFID applications in healthcare/medical industry which has its emphasis on patient’s safety.

This technology can assure the appropriate treatment for patients and get them the services and care that they pay for. There are a lot of applications of RFID technology, which can be efficiently performed in the healthcare industry. It can be used for the reduction of supply overstock, which is a problem faced by nurses in hospitals. Some hospitals also use it with RFID tags in patient's wristband, which helps with the prescription information facilitating electronic medical records. 

Primarily, there are 3 uses of RFID technology in medical field: tracking patients, tracking equipment and tracking staff. Medical machineries are highly expensive and RFID systems can also avail you with the efficient tracking of these machines, which can be advantageous for the hospital. 

There are some of the equipments which are not being used for a long period of time; RFID tags can help the hospitals to find that equipment, when needed. With this hospitals can keep the proper record of all the machines that they have and can save their funds by not buying the machines again.  

RFID technology is coming up as one highly important tool for the medical industry, with its distinct approach for the welfare of the industry. RFID tags have been incorporated into seams of x-ray protection vests, which reduce the time involved to locate the vests. 

With RFID technology and tags, managing more accurate records has become easier. This technology can facilitate patients and staff to track the people, who had any kind of contact with patients who suffering from dangerous infection such as TB. RFID tags are highly beneficial for the healthcare industry; it can help any hospital to track/trace the prescribed drugs.  

At this point of development in this specialized technology, it is also applied for controlling and monitoring patient's location to manage the documents and medication administration. It also helps with the control of staff-patient interaction time. RFID can be applied for various purposes further for the improvement of patient’s safety. RFID can also facilitate hospitals for the precise monitoring of the admission, discharge and billing of the patients.  

Last update: Jan 08, 2020

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