How are RFID tags powered?

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We have been talking about the various applications and development of RFID tags, but we may never have thought that this RFID tag needs to be powered? In practical use, it is necessary for us to supply power to electronic tags before they can operate. The way that labels get electric energy is different. We generally divide the labels into active labels, passive labels, and semi-active labels.

Today we will talk about these three RFID tags.

(1) Active electronic tags

The reason why the active electronic label is called is because it is powered by the internal battery provided by the label itself, and because of its own battery, it has enough advantages over other two kinds of labels, according to this advantage. Its operation reliability is high and the signal transmission is far apart.

(2) Passive RFID

Passive electronic tags, compared with the active type, as the name suggests is the label itself without a battery, rely on the outside world to provide energy to work properly. The passive electronic tag is mainly through the antenna and the coil, the antenna receives a specific electromagnetic wave, the coil will produce a sense current, and then after rectification and charging the capacitor, the capacitor voltage can be used as working voltage after voltage regulation. The passive electronic tag has a permanent service life because it does not have a battery and is not easily damaged. It supports long-term data transmission and permanent data storage.

(3) Semi-active electronic tags

A semi-active electronic tag has a battery compared to the first two. However, its own built-in battery only supplies power to circuits that require data to maintain the data in the tag or to assist the voltage required to operate the tag chip. Supports powering tag circuits that consume less power. When the tag is not working, it is just like a passive electronic tag. It does not consume electricity, so its battery battery lasts for a long time. When the tag enters the reading area of ​​the reader, it starts to enter the working state. The standard comes with a battery before it starts to supply power. Back to Sohu, see more

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