Disposable RFID Wristband for Newborns Management in Hospital

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Nowadays, Information Technology has a great significance in hospitals and health care centers to achieve perfection and quality in operation management and health services. Swapping and kidnapping of newborns is one of the major problems in almost every hospital. To overcome these situations, disposable RFID wristband is widely used in most of the hospitals. This is the revolutionary solution for newborn management and to trace them in hospital settings. As they are made up of hygienic material and 100% non-allergenic silicon, they are very comfortable to wear, lightweight, disposable, tamperproof and can avoid biohazards too. 

Here are some of the benefits of using disposable RFID wristband for the newborns in hospitals:

You can easily track new born babies who are in surveillance and in intensive care.

It is very easy to identify a particular baby and update their current information and manage medical record.

It can be used to store all the detailed information of a baby with the mother’s name and her ID.

It can help to provide right medication and care to the right baby and to eliminate medication-related errors which improve safety of new born babies.

 Allows them to be accurately identified without being touched or moved.

 It can read at distances ranging from minimum 10 cm to maximum 5m hence offer better security radius.

This is the best effort to protect the new born babies in such hospitals. This disposable RFID wristband is tied to mother and her child and the authorized team of hospital. RFID reader in the hall of newborns is used to interpret the signals and keep track of the actions of mothers, children and authorized team members who are present in that hall. With this appropriate automation it is not possible to kidnap and swap newborns.

Last update: Jan 08, 2020

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