Blank RFID Cards Usually For Epson And Cannon Inkjet Printer

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RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology has gained widespread use and popularity around the globe. A few decades ago people used to talk about barcodes and their fast processing uses but now RFID technology has changed the lives of every business owner as well as individual users. The RFID tags and cards have streamlined the work and processes in every area where they have been put to use. The main advantage of these RFID tags and cards is that no line of sight is required and it is beneficial for security and transportation. In recent years RFID has been used in a variety of applications like sales processes, supply chain management, accessing building structure details, speeding up security and identifying individuals, livestock, and objects.

Many companies order blank RFID cards for a special purpose but, the most important thing is to get cards that are secure. The active RFID technology used in RFID black cards emits data from the card, which are usually read by an intended reader. There are two types of black RFID cards used these days, which are almost similar in looks but, different in many ways.

1) The first type of blank RFID cards are used to operate in industry like supermarket, parcel and so on.

2) The second type of blank RFID cards involves financial transactions and has a range of almost 4 inches to be read.

When it comes to purchasing the RFID card or blank RFID cards, for inkjet printers like Epson or cannon, they are compatible with all the proxy readers and support more than 135 billion unique codes. 

Creating blank RFID cards through inkjet printing is a direct write technology in which the codes are transferred directly to the substrate and does not require any other printing method. Being eco-friendly and robust in quality, blank RFID cards greatly support inkjet printing and many other associated applications. The benefits of using the blank RFID cards are tremendous.

For instance, these blank RFID cards are customized to get permanent print with high-end inkjet printers like Cannon and Epson. You can get vivid color and high resolution photo quality along with smooth edges of card and glossy appearance. Such blank cards are also waterproof and with inkjet Epson printers’ double side fast absorbing ink; they provide instant drying and colorful appearance.

Last update: Dec 09, 2019

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