What is the Chip NTAG216F Used for?

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The NTAG216F and NTAG213F are the new NFC forum compliant type 2 tag products exclusively developed by semiconductors for their wide applications in electronics (i.e. Bluetooth simple pairing, device authentication, Wi-Fi protected set-up, gaming, connection handover and several others). With different utilities, the NTAG21xF family proffers highly innovative functionalities such as the SLEEP mode, configuration of field detection, FAST_READ command & a configurable password protection. The whole NTAG21xF family has been designed to completely comply with NFC forum Type 2 tag specifications. 

The major features and benefits of NTAG216F are as follows - 

It supplies energy and provide contactless transmission of data.

It operates on a frequency of 13.56 MHz

The data transfer rate is 106 Kbit per second.

It has the ability to operate from a distance up to 100 mm (depending upon different parameters like antenna geometry and field strength)

The data integrity of the newly invented tag is 16-bit CRC, bit counting, parity and bit coding.

Also, it has 7 byte serial number (cascade level 2 according to ISO/IEC 14443-3)

It has anti-collision properties

Being highly advanced, it has fast read command.

ECC based authentic signature.

Automated NFC counter trigger at read command.

SLEEP mode to re-enable or disable the NTAG216F device from the attached electronics.

Due to its useful features, this device has broad applications in:

Requesting the call


Call to action

Authentication of device and goods 

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi pairing.

Connection handover

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology of NTAG216F are very convenient for large number of customers worldwide by simplifying it to exchange the digital content, make transactions and connect electronic devices with a smooth touch. With a standard connectivity technology, NFC joins varied contactless technologies, facilitating present & future solutions. This highly useful device also paves the way to smart media, mass-market retail applications & electronics. In addition to enhanced radio sensitivity, the all new NTAG type offers password protection ability, additional memory options as well as a number of advance key features.

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Last update: Jan 02, 2020

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