How to Program RFID Tags in Factory?

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RFID Tags are the new generation tracking devices that are being used worldwide to store and carry information electronically. As the name suggests, Radio Frequency Identification tags have the potential to respond to radio frequencies and this attribute is used in a large number of corporations in order to track movement of labor or goods and record data. RFID tags are small adhesive stickers that are attached to the objects a company wishes to track. The usage of these tags has proven to be beneficial to prepare for stock outs and has significantly reduced labor costs. A lot of people do think that the application of RFID in any business, warehouse or factory is restricted to just tracking of goods in transit, which is not at all true. You can know about how to program RFID tags in this article

The RFID technology is not new and has always somewhere existed, but surely it has developed over a large number of years. In 1950s and 1960s, EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) tags were available and used to track packaging and today the technology has evolved to its extremes and still is advancing. The real question about how to program RFID tags in factory and manufacturing unit today is explained as follows. 

The most popular applications of how to program RFID tags is as an EPC (Electronic Product Code) is arising as a star technology aiding managers in collaborating supply chains and trading partners. It provides a unique identification to each and every physical product. Organizations and institutes with a huge number of IT assets with enormous data can use it as an IT Asset tracking device. Zombie RFID tags are also used in several factories as well as stores and outlets which are basically temporary RFID tags that get deactivated as soon as a person leaves the place. In automobile industries, these tags are also attached to components and assemble parts to keep count and track. Work-in-progress is also tracked through it and for final deliveries these tags are highly essential. 

Last update: Jan 02, 2020

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