Embeddable RFID Tags with Antenna Make Different Read Distance

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Radio-frequency identification (RFID) system make use of radio-frequency range of electromagnetic spectrum to identify, transfer information and track objects with the help of tags, a RFID transponder and a reader. These tags have become common in everyday products, such as payment cards, and even livestock.

Embeddable RFID Tags can be embedded or fixed to various types of assets and are generally used for asset tracking, tool tracking, pallet tracking and for numerous work. These tags are able to endure harsh surroundings and thus are suitable for outdoor and industrial applications. With great advancement in RFID technology, it has become possible to add large amount of information into smaller integrated chips. 

Manufacturers are utilizing modern RFID technology to develop Embeddable RFID tags.  These tags are available in numerous frequencies such as HF/NHC, LF and UHF. Apart from this, embeddable RFID tags can also be modified with respect to product necessities.

Equipment tags and Embeddable RFID asset tags allow firms to impeccably incorporate electronic components into their final products. These tags are perfect alternative for tagging solutions and optimizing assets for brand protection, custom automation and for other applications as well.

Some of the applications of Embeddable RFID tags are as follows:

Cable plugs

“Consumables” such as cartridges, filters, or gas cartouches 

Car keys

Medical tools like drills 

Branded merchandise

Plastic boxes for transfer of goods

Embeddable RFID tags can be are available in various customized designs and shapes. These tags utilize method of direct bonding and thus it is possible to manufacture these tags into smaller sizes and ring shape. Moreover, these tags can withstand the rigidity of tag processing such as plastic injection molding. With highly powerful antenna present inside this antenna, it is possible for these tags to detect wide range of frequencies. 

Thus, Embeddable RFID tags with multi-directional radio antenna are able to read upto large distance. 

Last update: Mar 22, 2017

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