Do You Know the RFID Application For Sheep and Goats In Europe?

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The unlimited advantages of using the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology in daily use are exceptional. The technology of automatic tagging has changed the way business is done for a lot of industries. The remote access and unique identification options available because of RFID has proved its worth and is gaining importance in these industries. It is the perfect replacement for the barcode system which utilized manual operation. 

RFID has replaced the need for hiring human help for this process. The RFID tags are very minute in size. They are almost as big as a single grain of rice, which make them easy to integrate with anything. One of the biggest problem shepherds face, is keeping count and individual identification of their cattle.

Integration of RFID for such uses makes life easier for shepherds and cattle keepers in Europe. This provides each animal in a flock with a unique form of identification by assigning a number which can be used to keep track of the animal. Use of RFID tagging system makes cattle management a piece of cake. 

Electronic identification devices carry a microchip which stores every individual animal's identification code which is recognized by a reader or a hand-held wand to register the animal. When a tagged sheep or goat is scanned by a reader, it sends out a signal which is to be received by the RFID tag or bolus. The reader is so efficient that it can read a signal from a tag covered in mud or wool grease. 

The idea of implementing such an advance technology is overwhelming for those not really familiar with how far the modern day technology has gone. However, this technology is not as expensive as its services may make it seem. Electronic tags grant you the ability to record sheep movements even from a remote place whenever required. Electronic Identification devices can record a wide variety of information depending on what the business needs and the aspects that need to be managed. 

RFID tagging system allows you to monitor the gains and losses in weights of individual animals, fleece yield quality and quantity, the genetic development, breeding and health history of the animal, nutrition needs and supplies and paddock-to-paddock movements. Some of the options people can look for if they're looking to integrate the ways of RFID in their business are portable handheld/stick readers, permanent/panel readers, weigh scale indicators, manual weigh crates and even barcode printers and scanners.

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Last update: Jan 02, 2020

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