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Product Code: Recycled Woven RFID Bracelet With Button

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Ntag215 Woven RFID Bracelet looks soft and durable. Even though you stretch it with the big strength.

Recycled Woven RFID Bracelet With Button could be adjusted according to the size of your wrist.
You do not worry about the length, and it is enough for you.
This material touches soft, silky, and it is taken easily, conveniently.
It could be used for the festival, sports meetings, concerts, swimming pools, etc.
The White Disposable Nylon Wristband could be inserted RFID chip, LF, HF.

Tag MaterialPVC
Tag Size35cmx2cm
Band MaterialNylon/PVC/Fabric/Woven
ChipLF, TK4100,EM4200,EM4305,EM4450,T5577; HF, MF 1K/4K,MF NTAG203/213/215/216,mf ULTRALIGHT-C,etc.
Frequency125khz, 13.56mhz
ColorCustomize Design
Logo DesignCustom LOGO, words, messages for you.
Shipping DetailsGenerally, 3 days for DHL/FedEx/UPS, 10 days for air shipping,18 days for sea shipping.
Payment TermsTT,PayPal, WESTUNION, L/C
ApplicationsFitness Centre,Spa Hotels,Ticketing at Water Resorts,Security/AccessControl,Festivals, Concerts,etc.

Common Chip TypesProtocolCapacityAnti-collisionFunction
Available 125KHz Chip
TK4100/64 bitNoRead Only
EM4200/128 bitNoRead Only
EM4305 / 512 bit No Read/Write
T5577/330 bitsNoRead/Write
Available 13.56MHz Chip
NTAG® 213 ISO14443A 180 byte No Read/Write
NTAG® 215ISO14443A540 byteNoRead/Write
NTAG® 216ISO14443A924 byteNoRead/Write
MIFARE® Classic® 1KISO14443A1 KBNoRead/Write
MIFARE® Classic® 4KISO14443A4 KBNoRead/Write
MIFARE® Plus® S 1KISO14443A2 KB/4 KBNoRead/Write
MIFARE Ultralight® EV1ISO14443A80 byteNoRead/Write
MIFARE Ultralight® CISO14443A192 byteNoRead/Write
ICODE® SLIXISO156931024 bitYesRead/Write
Available 860-960MHz Chip
Alien H3ISO18000-6C512 bitYesRead/Write
Other chips are also available.

NTAG are registered trademarks of NXP B.V. and are used under license.

ICODE are registered trademarks of NXP B.V. and are used under license.

MIFARE and MIFARE Classic are trademarks of NXP B.V.

MIFARE and MIFARE Ultralight have registered trademarks of NXP B.V. and are used under license.

MIFARE and MIFARE Plus have registered trademarks of NXP B.V. andare used under license.

Common Package


Volume:100 pcs fabric wristbands in one bag, 20 bags (2000pcs)per carton
Weight: about 9KG for one carton
Carton Size:51*25*27CM
Special demands for packing available.

Test Color

The high precision color difference meter is used to ensure the consistency of the finished product and the sample.


Voor een evenement ben ik opzoek naar 2000 RFID armbandjes met Mifare Classic 1K chip. Wat zijn hiervoor de mogelijkheden en kosten? Is het mogelijk om de Ntag215 geweven RFID armband ziet er zacht en duurzaam te voorzien van eigen design?

Ik hoor graag van jullie!

The product is very good, if you can send a small gift, it is even better.
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