NTAG213 カスタム印刷 NFC タグ

品番: xyt-059

NTAG213 カスタム NFC タグの説明を印刷:

NTAG213カスタム印刷 NFC タグ素敵な外観があり、防水、摩耗抵抗。

技術は、ポスター、看板、メニューのラベルやビジネス カードをすぐに携帯電話のアプリケーションを起動したり、ソーシャル メディアのウェブサイトにユーザーを接続で埋め込まれた NFC タグなど、様々 な NFC アプリケーションに最適です。

NTAG213カスタム印刷 NFC タグ '操作は ISO 9001: 2008 品質マネジメント システム規格と ISO 14001: 2004 環境マネジメント システム規格に認定されています。


NTAG213 カスタム NFC タグ仕様を印刷:
  • 利用できる材料: ポリ塩化ビニール、紙
  • 利用可能な工芸品:
    1) ユニークな QR コード
    2) データをエンコードしました。
    3) 抗金属;
    4) 暗号化;
    5) は、カスタム印刷
  • 利用可能なチップ: 超軽量、Ultralight C、NTAG203、NTAG213、NTAG215、NTAG216、MF desfire 2 K/4K/8K、MF プラス 2 K ・ 4 K ・ 8 K
  • パッケージ
    シングル: 100 本/インナー バッグ、1000 ピースシリコン/ボックス、カートンあたり 3000 や 5000 の作品
    ロールバック: あたり 500/1000/5000 個がロールバックされます。
    2 キログラムの重量: 1000 個
These are really great. I have one in my car that causes the phone to be on loud mode and turns off the wifi to save battery. In the future I hope to write them to connect to bluetooth automatically, but I always have one at work that puts the phone on vibrate and connects it to my bluetooth headset so that if I do get calls, they come through without disturbing others.

They work well with the NFC Task Launcher program
I have been using these for a few months now. They are sturdy with a strong-enough adhesive to stay where you put them. Do NOT put them on metal though.
I would give them a 5 except I've had to reprogram a couple after one-month's use. No biggee, but it cost them a star. They work very nicely with our Samsung Galaxy S4s.
I recommend these to all who need inexpensive NFC tags.
Really nice water resistant NFC tags! All of the tags work and I personally love the keychain tag. This is a must have for any android user!
I had no problem writing and reading with my nexus 6.
I have no regrets purchasing this product, they serve their purpose fantastically and much more. When I first thought about buying these I initially had no idea what I would do with them, but a little time, curiosity, and patience and these reusable tags make my everyday tasks a wee bit easier. They are presentable and not an eye sore like some other tags I have seen when searching about. They have a good adhesive back to stick to almost any surface and works well with reading their tags to phones in cases. I also love the fact that there are so many I do not know what to do with all of them.
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