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RFID RFID BLOCKING CARDProtect your personal information on card!

Color: Customized
Material: PVC and rfid block chip
Pinnting: Blank,Offset Printing,Digital Pring,or Customized
Sizes: 85.5*54*0.84mm or 85.5*54*1.2mm or 85.5*54*1.4mm
Function: Blocking rfid and nfc signal
Certificate: IOS 90001-2015
Blocking Frequency: 13.56MHz,NFC
Applications: Protect personal information on Credit card, Passport, ID card, etc.

rfid card blockingHow does RFID Blocking Card work? The core of the RFID blocking card is a circuit board. When the scanner steals information on RFID Cards, it will create a surround electronic field making all 13.56 MHz cards invisible, thus disrupt the scanner from reading the RFID signal, protect the personal information on the contactless smart card! RFID blocking card with LED Light will light up to remind you as well! information on card!

rfid blocking card brandPut one in your wallet, you will feel safer As is known to all, information on our HF RFID Cards, such as credit cards, is easy to be theft by radiofrequency Identification (RFID) scanners, endangering our property safety and personal safety. You will feel safer when you put the RFID card blocker in your wallet which can block RFID waves, against RFID skimming, protect your information!

led blocking cardHigh-quality, long service life RFID blocking card of Xinyetong (our company) is waterproof, durable. No need for batteries, it draws energy from the scanner to power up, and it has a service life of 6 to 9 years.

rfid nfc card blockWhat style? Decided by you! You can customize the blocker card that you want, including appearance design, printing customization and so on. We can provide different customized solutions to meet customers’ different needs!

13.56mhz rfid blocking cardEasy to use, no need to change everything Compared to RFID blocking wallets and sleeves, RFID blocking cards is more convenient. No need to buy something new or something else to carry around, just one anti RFID card can protect all the cards in your wallet. It's the same size as a credit card, fitting in any wallet!

rfid chip blocker cardWidely used, not only credit cards The RFID anti-skimming card is widely used to protect the personal information stored on credit cards, debit cards, identity cards, smart cards, RFID driver’s licenses and any other HF RFID Cards from e-pickpocket thieves using handheld RFID scanners.

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