High Quality Adjustable Waterproof RFID Silicone Wristband For Swimming Pool Access Control

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Low Frequency (125 KHz)TK4100, EM4200, EM4305, T5577 etc
High Frequency (13.56 MHz)Mifare S50, Mifare S70, FM11RF08, NTAG203, NTAG213, NTAG216, Ultralight EV1, I-CODE SLi, Ti etc
Ultra-high Frequency (860-960 MHz)Alien H3,H4,H5, Monza3,4,5, U-CODE etc
Working temperature-30-220℃
Package100PCS /Bag,1000pcs/Box
Box Size500*250*275mm,Box Weight:9.01Kg/box

The supply is very fast, it will arrive in 1 week..
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