What Is The Differences Between NTAG203f And NTAG203?

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FID is the acronym for Radio Frequency Identification. It is the technology that uses electromagnetic fields to allot unique identify to objects or humans and keep track of the same. They tags have the capability of storing important data about the data as well which aids significantly in business management. RFID technology basically uses radio waves to store, capture and read data. These tags are very small in size, but can store a considerable size of data and can be read from up to a particular distance depending upon the range of the product. 

A lot of NFC (Near Field Communication) tags have come up in the market with the development in the RFID technology and these tags are all about providing convenience to the users. A NTAG203F is a Type 2 Tag designed specifically for NFC Forum for the simple application of RFID in electronics which facilitates pairing with Bluetooth, wi-fi protection and secured set up, connection handover, device authentication along with gaming. The NTAG203F comes with several features that can be favorable and instrumental to the organization such as its contactless transmission of data requires no battery to operate, up to 100 mm depending upon parameters like field strength and antenna geometry. It also has a high data sharing and transfer rate of 106 kb/s along with true anti-collision and high data integrity of 16-bit CRC, bit coding and bit counting. It has a 30-bit user definable one-time Programmable area with 168 bites of total memory and 144 bytes of rewritable memory area. NTAG203F tags come with the capability of retaining data for up to 10 years. 

NTAG203 is another player in the market of NFC tags and it is mainly focused on providing functionality to the user. NTAG203 is a tag with a capacity of 144 bytes and is available in different dimensions and shapes. It has a universal compatibility but does not have a 30-bit password. It has high scan strength and is highly used in large and medium organizations to assist in their operations.

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Last update: Jan 09, 2020

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