What is the Application of RFID Active Tag in Parking?

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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is one of the fastest growing technologies used in numerous industries including supply chain management, healthcare, aviation and logistics. RFID systems use proprietary protocols and application-specific hardware. An RFID-enabled parking system will minimize the need of parking managers and employees to manually look at the parking lot. RFID tag has the ability to receive occupancy data like the number of cars entering & exiting instantly. This information and data is extremely helpful in determining the exact parking space captured and helps the respective management to take proper staffing decisions. Additionally, it will record all the entries and exits automatically & precisely that will result in least errors by human intervention.

RFID tags can also identify and monitor any suspicious and untagged vehicle present in the parking lot. CCTV cameras are generally used with RFID system to ensure 100% security from theft. For larger parking lots, RFID systems manage multiple zones to ensure complete safety of the parking facility. Thus, RFID technology (tags) is more beneficial and reliable as compared to the others in many ways as:

RFID tags do not require any kind of physical contact between the communication device and data carrier.

They are extremely durable; have the ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

These tags come in vast array of sizes, materials and types.

They have the ability to generate precise results with least errors.

These tags can be used repeatedly that makes them much economical to use.

RFID tags are read by the RFID system sequentially.

Whenever an RFID-labeled vehicle enters into a parking lot, the RFID system can automatically detect whether it is registered into the database or not. If it’s a registered vehicle as per the RFID database and has not checked out of an unauthorized RFID-enabled parking lot, the system will record it immediately. The RFID system records vehicle information, parking-lot title as well as entrance time and date in the ‘vehiclecirculationinfo’ table of its database. The check-in and check-out information are cross-checked by the RFID system and so, if any vehicle has attempted for an unauthorized exit, it won’t be able to enter to any of the RFID-enabled parking lots. To the vehicle-owner, the final and only solution would be to pay the fine and receive the approval to enter; from the respective authorities.

Thus, an RFID tag for parking lots will offer improved customer experience. It will ensure complete safety & security of the vehicles along with the minimized expenses of hiring staff. The integration of surveillance cameras with RFID system will help curbing the criminal attempts & offences, if any.

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Last update: Jan 08, 2020

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