What is anti-counterfeiting traceability

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How to combat counterfeiting and shoddy can be completely eliminated from the root cause. The information of purely verified product manufacturers can not meet the market demand. It can monitor the raw materials, production, warehousing and logistics information of products while anti-counterfeiting

Trends, anti-counterfeiting traceability system has thus evolved into an independent branch of the anti-counterfeiting system and continues to grow. The large-scale, accurate and rapid characteristics of the two-dimensional code have determined that it plays an important role in the anti-counterfeiting traceability, and has become an indispensable tool for anti-counterfeiting traceability in the market.

How to prevent false source

The two-dimensional code can coexist with anti-counterfeiting and traceability functions. Information storage, process control, information encryption, and verification and reading of information are all realized by two-dimensional code, which satisfies the demands of various enterprises and consumers for product anti-counterfeiting.

1, information storage. Diversified storage forms, regardless of video, audio, image, text can be entered, its storage capacity is the largest capacity of the current anti-counterfeiting tools, can store various information of the product, display, such as agency certification, inspection certificate, production Process records and other information can be displayed to consumers through QR codes.

2, process control. Production, distribution, and storage can all be reflected in the QR code, so that the anti-counterfeiting information can be displayed in detail. Consumers increase the trust of the brand from various details, and the counterfeiters are completely incapable of detailing. Counterfeiting, hitting the falsification elements from the roots.

3. Information encryption. The multiple reading methods of the two-dimensional code determine that the information displayed by the user is different. The professional reading device can not only read the encrypted information, but also activate the security code. Only the activated security code can be activated. Consumers read. In the case where the product is not sold, the information can not be read even if it is illegally copied. 4, verify the read information. The mobile phone used by the consumer can read the product information by scanning the camera with the QR code, so that everyone can be anti-counterfeiting and can be faked at any time.

Anti-counterfeiting traceability

1, improve product credibility Consumers can not verify anti-counterfeiting information, resulting in consumers' trust in products has been unable to improve, QR code anti-counterfeiting verification popular, simple, convenient, without the consumer to bear any costs, improve the anti-counterfeiting verification ratio traceability. The function makes the consumer more reassuring, and has a deeper understanding of the product and enhances the trust of the product brand.

2, the protection of brand interests Many counterfeiters are drilling products without anti-counterfeit labels, or anti-counterfeit labels are easy to copy the void, resulting in counterfeit and shoddy products in the market rampant, the brand reputation of the counterfeit brand damage caused by the decline in product sales, suffered huge economic losses. Good product quality is the foundation of the enterprise brand, and the anti-counterfeiting traceability function of the QR code serves as a escort for the corporate brand, helping the corporate brand to lay a solid foundation.

Applicable industries: dairy products in the food industry, vegetables, fruits, edible oil, rice, wine. Health care products, medical equipment, processing and manufacturing of electronic products, home, automotive, clothing, cosmetics, logistics Industry product transportation.

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