Urban Domestic Waste Comprehensive Treatment Remote Supervision Solution

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The waste comprehensive treatment supervision system uses the Internet of Things technology, the collection and transportation mode, and improves the construction and operation monitoring system of domestic garbage treatment facilities.


Technical deployment


The management of domestic garbage transportation vehicles integrates the GPS system of existing domestic garbage transportation vehicles in each district, installs electronic tags for domestic garbage transportation vehicles, and has intelligent terminals such as GPS positioning and information dispatching screens. Realize the unified management of domestic garbage transportation vehicles into and out of the market. It has vehicle dispatching, trajectory supervision, violation warning, information transmission, and other multi-functional dispatching platforms to realize real-time command and dispatch of the city's domestic garbage transport vehicles.


Domestic garbage disposal site management, garbage weighing measurement data DTURS232 / RS485 serial port real-time acquisition, realizing the whole process of domestic garbage transportation vehicles entering the field (factory) unmanned intervention automatic weighing measurement. Video surveillance access to the original video surveillance system of each domestic garbage disposal plant (factory), in the weighbridge, unloading platform, garbage storage, ash warehouse, slag library, public display screen and other important production links and regional supplementary cameras, through the industrial router to achieve 24-hour remote wireless real-time monitoring of the domestic waste disposal process.


Comprehensive supervision of construction of domestic garbage treatment, real-time statistics, inquiry and analysis of regulatory data. Realize the city's domestic garbage dump measurement data, horizontal monitoring of video data and operational data, and vertical supervision of the overall operational indicators of various domestic waste disposal sites. The construction of processing indicators intelligent scheduling, the construction of a comprehensive supervision and dispatching command center in the city's solid management office, according to the operating conditions of each processing site, the dispatching and emergency command of the domestic garbage transport vehicles under its jurisdiction, forming a linkage management system.


Program Advantages:


The digital transmission terminal DTU comes with GPS positioning, and the vehicle is safe and convenient to take power;


Industrial router 4G network port transmits wireless monitoring video, high speed and stability;


Multi-device LoRa networking, so that the garbage disposal process supervision has no dead ends;


Remote upgrade, unattended, device failure information is automatically reported;


Data transmission terminal multi-platform information resource sharing, strengthen supervision at all levels.

Last update: Dec 03, 2019


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