Unmanned logistics is imperative, and the logistics AI era is really coming?

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The demand for the labor force is great. The shortage of labor at the grass-roots level is not the beginning, but a bigger gap. More and more companies are trying to choose AI than people. The concept of "no one" is not a new topic.

In February 23rd, Jingdong officially announced that the world's first self intelligent distribution station developed by Jingdong was completed and put into operation at the national civil aerospace industrial base of Xi'an, Shanxi. According to the introduction, Jingdong's intelligent distribution station can realize self service, replacement, transceiver and other services, and can store 1 terminal unmanned vehicles and provide charging function. Moreover, it can also achieve real unmanned delivery. Jingdong claims that the unmanned flow of logistics will become more common in the future. Once unmanned distribution stations are put into use, millions of couriers may be unemployed.

Jingdong "Asian first" just appeared in the closing ceremony of the Pingchang Winter Olympic Games "Beijing 8 minutes". The domestic industry's first class full process automatic warehouse has achieved the whole process of warehousing, storage, packaging and sorting, and the whole system is intelligent and unmanned.

In the Jingdong warehouse, hundreds of thousands of single units are produced every day for 24 hours, which rely on the participation of robot and AI. The speed of inventory turnover is expected to be reduced to 30 days, or even 20 days, depending on the technology.

What can AI do now? In addition to the unmanned distribution station, UAV and driverless vehicle, the application of AI in the logistics industry has many other works to replace people.

AI allows all the parks to be perceived. More than 300 sensors, covering about 600000 cars, and more than two thousand or three thousand warehouses, including many chiller, freezer, central kitchen and so on, can be perceived at the speed of seconds. AI also allows security to be controlled. A safe robot can help employees to supervise vehicles and operation sites.

The biggest advantage of AI is that can help us to deal with a lot more than the load information, which not only can understand the structured data, can understand the unstructured data, including images, video and voice; by generating hypotheses, dialectical evaluation, and suggest that artificial intelligence can be used to reason for the mass of information.

At most 30 years, AI will take over most of the work. Not only is the logistics base employment, but the whole industry and even the whole society will face the impact of AI. AI technology is affecting the labor market in the logistics industry.

It is impossible to determine whether AI is a better choice, but it is sure that the use of AI has a positive effect on the development of the industry. AI technology is developing rapidly, and the scene that can be used will be more and more extensive.

But the final result of the development of AI is not to replace people, but to liberate people. As people invented the computer, a large number of complicated computing tasks can be handed over to the computer. So, whether it's a robot or a AI product, it's essentially a tool that human beings have invented to serve themselves. 

Last update: Dec 03, 2019


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