UHF band RFID implementation guide

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Rapid spread of UHF band RFID

RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) is also called IC tag, electronic tag, RF tag, etc. In August 2003, Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications announced "The economic ripple effect of up to 31 trillion yen is expected in 2010 Since we did an announcement ("interim report summarized by the research group on advanced use of RFID tags in the ubiquitous network era"), it has come to be widely popular in Japan. At that time, lower frequency bands such as 135 KHz and 13.56 MHz among the frequency bands used for RFID began to spread, and domestic RFID using 13.56 MHz still occupies the majority of the market in Japan On the other hand, UHF band RFID became available in 2005, and because the frequency is relatively high

(1) Longer communication distance

(2) Since the wavelength is short, the tag can be miniaturized

Therefore, the diffusion has progressed. Applications in the distribution scene have progressed from the early days in Europe and the United States, the use of UHF band RFID currently accounts for a majority at present, and it is expected that rapid spread will continue in the future. In Japan, UHF band RFID was only available for a few years in the initial years when it became available, but in recent years we have made UHF band RFID visible on our own site (front-end of our company's system As the number of companies adopted as the key technology of RFID technology has increased, the RFID technology has matured, the product cost has been reduced, and the investment effect by adopting the UHF band RFID has become considerable.

Purpose of "UHF band RFID introduction guide"

Since 2003 Fujitsu Group has been focusing on the future of UHF band RFID and the range of applicable fields and has been promoting the development of RFID products focused on the UHF band in order to incorporate it into a wide range of industries solutions and many companies have developed UHF band RFID I've been helping with the introduction. Through them, I realized that the UHF band RFID is an excellent automatic recognition technology, and therefore there are diverse application scenes in each company.


(1) It is a technology (using radio waves) that is different from the optical recognition technology typified by a conventional bar code, and that way of thinking and coping method is not generalized.

(2) The reading distance of the tag is relatively long, not only reading but also reading too much (reading unnecessary tags), or interference of radio waves.

(3) There is not much information (useful) that is open to the world and is a reference for actual introduction.

In fact, many companies are taking a second step toward introduction from such as.

Corporate problems concerning RFID introduction

Even at our website, we have various kinds of information on RFID products, but how do we use them, ie "concrete setup and product selection criteria to realize site visualization, RFID application know-how, Matters to be noted ", etc., and we have received many questions about how to master RFID.

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