Top High Temperature Laminated Technology from RFID Cards Manufacturer

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The preparing work is always important in the whole manufacturing process, and the High Temperature Laminated process is no exception. We will confirm the every request from the order again and again. And in the manufacturing process, we will arrange some trail products to check the effects first. After confirm everything is ok, it will begin to produce in scales.

During producing RFID Cards, the manufacturer makes full use of advanced High Temperature Laminated Technology. And in the process of typesetting, we will get rid of all the static electricity in the front and back, so that the material goods are fully clean. Only do like this, the typesetting could be more accurate. Usually, Hot Laminated Temperature of common cards is 140℃,and the one of cards with chips is 105-115℃. The Laminated Temperature of inlay is 173℃.

At last, we will confirm if the amount is consistent with the order again. After completed, it will need signature and record the quantity, and then the next process could be begun.  

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Last update: Jan 03, 2020


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