To Visit Abroad and Bring New RFID Technology Information

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From 2017, Shenzhen XinYeTong Technology Co.,Ltd company have visited abroad two big areas in the world, Southeast Asia, Dubai. 

When our sales arrive at every city,  almost all customers gave us biggest enthusiasm, as if that we are best friends. Actually, we feel pride of the partners and many thanks to them.

As we known, XinYeTong company, established in 2011, mainly provide all kind of smart card, RFID card, RFID tag, RFID wristband, etc. It still insists on providing high quality products and high level services. Thus, it has owned reputation among cooperation customers. Its business involves in more than 35 countries in the world. 

But from the year of 2017, XinYeTong have expended its business from RFID products to RFID System management Solution, smart school management, smart storage management, smart clothes management, smart library management, smart traffic management, smart door access management, etc. These RFID system solving solutions could involve in many application environments, such as hotel, traffic, school, factory, clothes shop, and so on.

Now, XinYeTong has enough engineers to make sure the process of system develop and data management, especially for RFID software and RFID read and write machine. So, once you have any question about RFID technology, XinYeTong can solve it as soon as possible. 

In the visiting, we help some customers to solve their questions, and they give us more local market information. However, it is far from the target. We still want to help more customers, and build a long cooperation relationship so that more value is given the customer and the society.

So, which cities are our next step?

The answer is South Africa, Europe, Brazil, Russia. 

So if you are our customers and the potential partners, XinYeTong would like to visit you face to face. And if you have the willing, please tell us. Of course, if you are not the customer from above country, we also welcome you. Because we may have the excess plan to visit you. Thank you.


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