The Importance of Biometrics Technology

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The importance of face recognition in the field of traditional security

Digital monitoring system

After years of development, digital surveillance systems have become mainstream products in the security industry. At present, many enterprises in the industry have widely adopted the mainstream MPEG4 and H.264 codec standards, and have made significant technological progress in codec efficiency, image quality, and data transmission. However, since the current system focuses on the recording of the monitoring scene and lacks further analysis and understanding of the image, there is a congenital deficiency, which affects the further promotion and use of the system.

Existing digital surveillance systems face four major challenges:

(1) Determine if there is someone in the surveillance scene.

(2) The monitoring object is difficult to identify.

(3) Determine the identity of the currently monitored object.

(4) Video retrieval is inefficient and difficult, and it is impossible to perform intelligent retrieval based on AV objects such as face images.

Therefore, if the face recognition technology can be integrated with the existing digital monitoring system, it will effectively solve the four major problems of the current digital monitoring system.

From the perspective of system implementation, the front-end equipment used in the existing digital monitoring system is consistent with the imaging system used by the face recognition system, and the video stream (uncoded) generated by the digital monitoring system is also the face recognition. The data source required by the system, in other words, the combination of face recognition technology and digital monitoring system does not have obstacles in system implementation. The face recognition technology is applied in the digital monitoring system, mainly for the intelligent processing of face object extraction and image understanding. The face recognition technology can be used to realize the intelligent upgrade of the digital monitoring system.

Realizing the combination of face recognition technology and digital monitoring system is an urgent need for the development of the security industry. The significance of the combination of the two is:

(1) Significantly improve the intelligence of the monitoring system;

(2) Expanding the application fields of the monitoring system, injecting new vitality into the development of the traditional monitoring industry, in line with the development trend of the monitoring industry;

(3) Providing intelligent video retrieval means for the majority of users, significantly improving the ease of use of the system;

(4) Effectively protect the original investment of the user.

In addition to the electromechanical control and network communication part of the access control and access control system, the core of the access control system is its identity authentication mechanism and audit verification mechanism. In a typical application environment, the recognition accuracy of face recognition technology can reach the level of fingerprint recognition technology, and its user-friendliness is obviously higher than other biometric recognition technologies. Its moderate price and superior performance are more recognized by users. At the same time, the face recognition technology can realize seamless integration with the digital monitoring system, which provides a good auditing and verification mechanism for the access control/access control system, which greatly improves the security and ease of use of the system.

How to confirm the user's true identity in a virtual network environment has become the key to network applications. The security mechanism of existing e-banking relies entirely on user accounts/passwords/CA digital certificates. Anti-virus experts believe that although online banking uses a variety of security mechanisms, such as CA digital certificates, firewalls, intrusion detection, etc., it is theoretically safe, but this security mechanism is mainly applied to the server, the security of the client. But neglected to prevent.

At present, the most important consideration for online banking is how to ensure the security of the client. Security factors have become a bottleneck hindering the development of online banking business, and it is extremely urgent to solve this problem. As a more secure and reliable identity authentication method, biometrics technology can be considered to integrate with the existing security mechanisms of online banking to solve many problems existing in the current online banking security mechanism.

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