Tags RFID for Music Festivals, Amusement Parks and Water parks

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Radio Frequency Identification or RFID is an automatic data identification technology that utilizes the radio waves to transfer bits of data from a passive tag to a reader device. The tags RFID comprise of an antenna for transmitting and receiving signals and the RFID chip which is embedded in the tag and contains all necessary information stored within it. The RFID systems include tags which may also be termed as transponders, antennas, reading devices and application software that acts as an interface between the two devices. The actual make-up of such components and their size can vary greatly depending on the use and application.

The tags RFID when brought in range of 5 inches or less starts receiving and transmitting the data as it get coupled with the reader and antenna by the radio waves. A host computer or an embedded microprocessor is used to control the reader and determines the appropriate read or write operation. Today, leading resorts, amusement parks and music festivals around the globe have started using RFID tags in the form of wristbands and this has revolutionized the whole process. These wristbands have helped business in many ways like enhancing the park efficiency, payment and transaction systems, identification of individuals entering the facility and many other applications. The RFID technology and tags RFID have brought overwhelming success for the businesses by gaining the trust and loyalty of guests.

The amusement and water park industries are typically using Ultra High Frequency (UHF) tags operating at 13.56 MHz and providing high storage capacities, fast data writing, and a few inches of read/write range. These unique and advanced capabilities make RFID a quick and convenient option for the staff or guests to use them at crowded music festivals and amusement parks with great effectiveness. 

The emergence of RFID has completely reformed the way of operation at amusement and water parks. These tags RFID used as wristbands have facilitated cashless payments, keyless room entry and access control in resort, thereby helping the guests to do away the need of carrying cash and keys along with them all the time. The RFID enabled photo management systems in the amusement parks helps the guests to purchase and get their photos taken from any photo station in the park without the need of carrying paper slips to redeem their photos. In fact, apart from payments and cashless transactions, the RFID tags also allow you to accumulate loyalty points, get coupons, custom messages and other special offers from the amusement parks and help you in enjoying the fun to the fullest!  

Last update: Dec 07, 2019


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