Strict Checking Standard and Reasonably Packaging in RFID Cards Factory

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Packaging is the process rearward in the whole producing of RFID Cards. So, before we begin the step, we have to make sure that all the cards have been finished as the customer’s request. If there are external workmanship and data written demonstrations, we will open every box and check whether every detail has been completed. What is more, in the a series of tasks, we all arrange strict QC checking as international standard to be sure each link well.

Besides, in our RFID Cards Factory, we still insist on reasonable packaging at the customers’ points, safely, fast. Filming is most important for packaging. To make sure the cards are intact, filming tight, labeling up and adding special cotton are necessary. For the samples cards, they are usually put in the first carton. Certainly, all the things finished need checked again and again. Especially, our customers are from many different countries, such as Korea, Japan, America, England, India, Brazil and so on. Thus, we have to seal every carton with packaging tape.

Strict Checking Standard and Reasonably Packaging are best indemnification. All in all, we could try our best to make sure every deal finished successfully. If you have any questions, please contact with us.

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Last update: Apr 27, 2016


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