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Asia RFID has propelled this aloof UHF Gen 2 RFID tag giving both close field and far-field correspondence modes and NFC Sticker. It is a flawless answer for thing level labeling applications. This reduced label, which utilizes propelled aloof RFID innovation is an exceptionally monetary distinct option for other more costly dynamic label arrangements and is extraordinarily intended for use in retail and production network administration, resource following, report administration and logistics. NFC Sticker fit in with GAOs Fleet Maintenance RFID Tags group of items.

This RFID label, model 116008, works at a recurrence scope of 902 to 928 MHz for America benchmarks and has a memory limit of 96 bit for information stockpiling. This detached tag is consistent with the EPC Class 1 Gen2 standard and ISO18000-6C convention. It takes into account multi-identification and offers a most extreme read amount of 400 tags. It is accessible with balance printing or silk screen with logo, code or scanner tag. This contactless read/compose tag has 4 openings 0.125 inches in breadth and is embodied inside of polypropylene 0.010 on both sides in this manner, and it is waterproof,dustproof and impervious to submersion in salt water, liquor, oil, 10%HCL alkali. Moreover, it is vibration safe and is tweaked for edge on perusing.

Last update: Dec 30, 2015


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