Smart Chicken Farm Solving Solution

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With the development of society, large-scale, closed, high-density breeding methods occupy a dominant position in the production of laying hens and broilers. Large-scale farming is unsatisfied with individual farming experience.

The control of the environment inside the house, the management of the production process, the production decision, and the analysis of the production data require a scientific system to complete. The intelligent chicken farm solution, through the application of the latest Internet of Things technology (sensing, transmission, big data, RFID), integrates the centralized management of the chicken farm, production intelligence, breeding chicken traceability, expert consultation and four subsystems. The chicken farm production statistics, feed management, medication management, chicken farm environmental monitoring, intelligent early warning, remote intelligent monitoring, production traceability, quality traceability, expert consultation and other functions have been realized. Let the majority of farmers experience the power of scientific farming.

Production of centralized management of large broilers, laying hens rely solely on artificial records to easily lead to omissions and confusion. Using modern information technology to unify the production management information during the operation of the chicken farm, it provides great convenience for the farmers to sort out the management process, and can also customize the production plan in the system to see what materials are used at the chicken farm at a glance.

Centralized production management

It is very important that the chicken farm intelligently produces environmental information in the chicken farm. The temperature, the illuminance, and the ammonia content will affect the quality of the broiler, the amount of egg production, and the incidence of the disease. But this information is often overlooked, especially in some hidden places.

The intelligent chicken farm uses advanced IoT sensing technology. The cloud operation and maintenance technology collects the information in the chicken farm into the cloud server, and then displays the real-time environment in the chicken farm through the mobile APP, PC, and on-site screen. Inform the user by means of mobile phone, SMS, phone, etc. when it is predicted that the environmental factor may exceed the preset value. Let the user know the problem of the chicken farm in the first time.

The intelligent chicken farm can also realize remote control of chicken farm equipment, such as fans and defecation devices. Linkage control is implemented when receiving an alarm issued in the environmental monitoring system to eliminate potential safety hazards in time.

Intelligent production of chicken farm

Product quality traces the growth process of broilers, which will generate a large amount of data, such as the source information of the chicks, the information on the feeding process, the information on the broiler, and the egg production in the laying hen cycle.

The chicken farm production traceability system collects various data in the production process by RFID, and establishes a complete breeding cycle information table for the cultured chicken.

Product quality traceability

Traceability of chicken farm production: Yield inquiry: broiler weight increase, timing of egg production, daily revenue is really visible. Optimization of culture: comparison of culture process data and yield analysis, to provide a basis for finding the best breeding method. Inquisition of the epidemic source: The whole process of data tracking provides great convenience for the prevention and spread of the disease and the source of the disease.

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