Several Small Points, to tell you what is IOT and its Functions.

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The Internet of Things is a new and smart way to monitor all your physical resources including your vehicles, buildings, gadgets and other items. All these devices are linked to each other by electronics, software, sensors, actuators and network connectivity with the help of which the objects collect and exchange data. Because of IOT, it is now possible to remotely monitor all the objects connected to the existing network. The initial idea of this came from the Machine to Machine infrastructure. A common example of this is found on luxury busses, where all the devices on the same bus are able to communicate to each other. This is an efficient way to monitor and manage all these devices. Later with advancements in technology, M2M technology started utilizing longer distances for the same kind of communication. Supervisory Data Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) was the new M2M application. 

With Internet of Things, life standards are raised to new heights. One could monitor everything in their house even when on vacation. For visual monitoring, you can install cameras and hook them up with an online application that would feed everything on a distant mobile phone. To control things like lights, fans, gas, doors, you can install sensors that perform on-off functions when triggered; all controlled from an application from a distance. These are just simple examples of what this set-up is capable of. More complex networks can be found in commercial buildings where businesses setup their office, in Hospitals, in a Factory setting and even government assets like street lights are controlled this way. IOT is a game changer for these big scale industries. 

A home can be turned into smart home with the help of an IOT infrastructure. With the help of IP cameras, 24*7 monitoring of the house is possible. This does result in a huge amount of bandwidth consumption, but nothing integration with proper sensors can't solve. With proper sensors, the video footage can be recorded from a distance by triggering a button. With IOT, no one has to risk working near a huge boiler or a furnace. Big time industries can use such solutions for important things like monitoring the angles of cellular antennas and tracking other important assets. Advertising can be taken to a whole new level by adding interactive features to advertisement boards again, triggered remotely. It can also avoid mishaps like mistakes in the count of inventory resources at factories hospitals etc.

With seemingly unlimited benefits, “Internet of Things” is the perfect anchor to the new ways of luxury in the modern times. The ability to be able to monitor a place from a distance and a remote control to everything that needs manual control is like a superpower. Yet there are few who are not fully convinced by the ways of the IOT infrastructure, IOT still is a highly significant method of operating things and managing resources.

Last update: Jan 10, 2020


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